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CyberStop is the first global decentralized streaming usage, sharing, distribution, exploration, and trading platform based on NFT on HECO/BSC. NFT built CyberStop has its token and designed rewards, engagement, investment, trade, community governance, and incentive systems using CERT tokens.
CyberStop platform is a place where creators, traders, collectors, and investors are engaged with EAC(Encrypted Art Content) and ESC(Encrypted Streaming Content), and any digital assets that are backed with blockchain. CyberStop supports the tokenization of any non-NFTs digital assets, with the special focus on the streaming content. It also expands the potential of the digital assets, making it possible to generate more profit, other than just one-time trade, by the unique copyright trade and capitalization application.
CERT tokens offer access to CyberStop’s platform within the community. Users can buy, earn, stake, and redeem CERT tokens on the platform to trade, tip, donate, to gain access to exclusive events, and governing rights. Participants are rewarded with CERT tokens for their involvement and engagement on the CyberStop Platform.

The Ecosystems and Market Size of NFTs

NFTs of digital content in the form of crypto-collectibles, gaming assets, trading cards, and other categories are prized for growth. They’re unique, provably scarce, liquid, and usable across multiple applications. After it was introduced to the world, it has enjoyed a significant increase in the aspects of trading volume and user base. CyberStop divides them into two categories: EAC and ESC. EAC stands for Encrypted Art content. It contains the current NFTs and to-be NFTs, such as artwork, game items, collectibles, and domains. In 2020, the sales volume of NFTs trades and NFTs games reached 250 million USD, while the projected volume for the year 2021 will be 3.6 billion USD (with an increasing rate of 1785%). Considering the overall market size or the art is 65 billion USD, EAC has the potential to have a 200 times increase in the near future.
But, EAC’s market is not all that the NFTs market will have. ESC. The phrase stands for Encrypted Streaming Content. It contains videos, shows, movies, and music. Currently, most ESCs haven’t been minted to NFTs, such as YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix. Streaming content differs from common artwork in that it has the function of both access and ownership, while these two aspects could add value to each other. In today’s market, global streaming content reaches the market size of 580 billion USD. with that saying, if the streaming content is highly involved in NFTs, the market size of NFTs will be dramatically increased more than 2000 times.

CyberStop Overview

Our Goal

Current goal: Excavating the true value of NFTs, specifically streaming contents, organizing the infrastructure that makes EAC and ESC ownership universally accessible, tradable, and profitable. With the core of decentralization, the community will be governed by all verified shareholders and token holders.
The ultimate goal: Making it simple to tokenize all EAC and ESC, develop a decentralized NFTs commerce ecosystem, from usage, sharing, distribution, exploration to trading.

Current Problems on Digital Assets and Solutions

Virtual Monopolies and Decentralization for Streaming Content

Even since consumers began to use the Internet extensively in the mid-1990s, the Internet has proved to be the gospel for creators. On one hand, the Internet provides a huge new platform to contact fans and acquire new audiences. On the other hand, it is awash with pirates who copy the creator's work and sell it or give it away for nothing. Meanwhile, especially for online streaming content, giant platforms like Amazon, Spotify, Youtube, and Netflix have come to enjoy virtual monopolies when it comes to selling streaming content and fail to pay out a fair share to artists.
On CyberStop, it offers a way for creators/owners to sell digital assets that are scarce and unique. This scarcity means that they can not only enjoy a new source of income but also get some profits when the NFT is resold. The creator doesn't have to be an industry giant or traffic attractor to make a profit from his or her work or digital asset. Also, as a decentralized platform, there’s no such censorship thus creators have the freedom to release the work.

Digital Copyrights

There are a thousand ways to enjoy streaming content in the current internet media world, but it is impossible to know where the real origin copy is. But with NFTs, everyone will know the holder of the real copy, and anyone can pay to make it theirs, either partially or completely, and can share the profit from the content afterward. NFTs provide a way to counteract the unlimited copying ability of the Internet and let artists/owners prove that digital work/ assets are unique. In the current world, whether it is a physical good or a digital asset, anyone can make a perfect copy of the original version. Now, this is the technology that can cure this problem.

Ownership Over Access

Creators’ ability to sell NFTs could take some of the bitterness out of the copyright debate as to the business model of online distribution shifts from trying to sell as many copies as possible to selling fewer items for more money to dedicated fans. Currently, on Spotify, 90% of content streamed is from 1% of performers, and middle to lowranked creators have no control of their content, regarding the price or traffic. But on CyberStop, the content creator could set the initial price, and let the real fans pay for it.
CyberStop also supports the trade of the ownership of NFTs, making it possible for real fans to own, instead of just enjoy, the valued EAC. It opens up a new, much-needed revenue stream for artists while simultaneously creating a wealth of new fan engagements and value. CyberStop removes unnecessary middlemen/intermediates and allows direct payment relationships between creators and audience.

Not-yet Minted EAC and ESC

Lots of digital content/assets in the current world are not yet tokenized, which fail to excavate the real value and potential of said digital assets. CyberStop will make it easy for holders and creators to tokenize their EAC and ESC through a simple minting process. The cost of the minting is extremely low and even free. CyberStop is open to all content types from 2D images to 3D models, domains to music albums, show to films.

Technical Solution

Build Up Products Connection

Creators around the world have been posting streaming media content on platforms such as Youtube, Spotify, and Netflix, and a large number of users consume the content daily. CyberStop helps creators separate the ownership and use rights of streaming media content, and maximizes the benefits for creators.
CyberStop will provide tools to help mint video and other streaming media content directly, and store video files in a decentralized network based on the IPFS protocol to ensure the permanent storage of NFTs, and store the CID of the content in the IPFS network to the generated NFTs metadata. At the same time, in order to ensure the user's experience of playing streaming media content on the CyberStop platform, the content will also be mapped to its own CyberStream storage cloud service.
At the same time, the browser-based CyberEx plug-in product allows creators to complete the minting of NFTs on streaming media platforms such as Youtube with one click, and integrate them into CyberStop, which can help creators reach out to more consumers and investors, thus could generate more profits, while minimizing the entry barrier for them.

The Decentralized Ownership Model

By tagging token ID and contract on Stream videos, you make it possible to transfer admin rights on a video. If a change in ownership of the ERC-721 token happens on the Ethereum blockchain, the new owner of the token may claim control over the video on Cloudflare Stream by proving they own the token associated with the video. Once the video has been claimed via the API call, the video may be deleted or transferred to the new owner’s Cloudflare Stream account.
The Definition of Streaming Video NFTs Metadata:
const nft = new NFT(uri, symbol); nft.setExtMetaData({ ... “properties”: { “ipfs_uri”:“ipfs://bafkreihghxw43i3l75ep5eg6qe2ye4ub4ov3y2znpmbijqcd335ypyt4tu/nft.mp4”, “cyberstop_uri”: “”, “payment_address”: “0x06012c8cf97bead5deae237070f9587f8e7a266d”, } }) nft.extendedMetaData;
Other than storing the token ID and contract address of the content in the database, CyberStream will not do any things. After setting up NFTs, CyberStop will use its own public chain Gateway to verify its compatibility with ERC-721. When someone acquires the ownership of the NFTs corresponding to the content, CyberStop will update its management right.

The Transfer of the Video’s Ownership:

curl -X POST -H “Authorization: Bearer $AUTH_TOKEN” --data ‘{“contract”:”0x- 57f1887a8bf19b14fc0d912b9b2acc9af147ea85”,”token”:”5”}’$ACCOUNT_ID/stream/$VIDEO_ID/nft/claim
After calling the API, the content will appear in the new account, and the new owner of NFTs will have all the using rights.

Why CyberStop


    Minting is the main function of CyberStop. It encourages and supports creators and holders to submit their digital assets, and help transfer them into NFTs. It is currently the fastest and easiest way to mint, and most importantly, the transfer costs very little and could even be free!
    NFTs Discovery is the primary way to find NFTs on CyberStop. CyberStop will work with artists, Dapps, creators, and NFTs holders to enable a wide selection of NFTs that could be present to the users and traders. The searching and pushing mechanism will remember user’s views, trades, and bookmarks, and give suggestions when users are browsing the platform.
    Buying and Selling are transparent, efficient, decentralized, and easy to operate. And various trade methods will be supplied, including the direct sale, auction, private sale, and one-time price(for movies, songs, ebooks, etc).
    Capitalization application of NFTs will be introduced with the application of smart contracts. The financial potential of NFTs has not been fully discovered and even understood. CyberStop will support NFT’s financial activities such as fractional trades, leasing, depositing NFTs to loan, second sell, etc. The value of the NFTs will be determined by a mechanism designed specifically for NFTs.
    One-stop user experience at Cyberstop, users could complete any activities related to NFTs from minting, searching, trading to chatting, and making friends. It doesn’t require any special knowledge, it’s just as easy as using eBay.
    Lifetime income for content creators is a feature on CyberStop. All creators could set a rate that for each selling of the content, he or she will share a certain amount of the income no matter how many times the NFTs have been traded.
    Fundraising is possible for content creators on CyberStop. The Creator could tokenize their script, blueprint, or drafts of work and sell it, while other users who believe in it may invest and get the share they paid for. After the content is finished and starts to generate profits, all shareholders will get their portion.
    Various types of NFTs, including AI content, are accepted CyberStop supports all kinds of digital assets, such as EAC and ESC. It will also integrate with a mechanism that could use AI to generate the ESC for users, like videos and music. The users only need to input the topic and idea, and the tokenized ESC will be available and the users could trade them afterward.
    Low and fixed cost for current NFTs trade. CyberStop charges a fixed percentage commission rate for all trades, no matter how big or small it is. Also, users who participate in trading may get rewards from the system.

Scenario Explanation

    A is an influencer on YouTube. One day he finishes a video and uploads the video onto YouTube. On the YouTube platform, he used the CyberEX extension, and mint the video. In that case, the videos could be also viewed on CyberStop Marketplace, and the ownership could be traded. If a fan likes this NFT, he can buy its fractional ownership or entire ownership. Also, this fan could sell his part of the ownership, while the creator will enjoy the royalty fee with the rate he set.
    B likes making music and one day he finishes music and uploads it onto CyberStop, thus his music is mint into NFTs, and it could be viewed on CyberStop, and based on B’s setting, it could be free or need to be paid to listen. If a fan likes his work, he can buy part or all of the ownership. The fan can also sell his own ownership at any time, and the original creator can also get royalty income through secondary sales.
    C has a domain that he has uploaded onto CyberStop, made it NFTs, and priced it. But one day, more than 2 buyers want to buy it. In this case, C will set a minimum price and all potential buy.
    D has a card from NBA Top Shot, which is already an NFTs, thus D could just upload it onto CyberStop, set a price and that’s it. If a buyer is interested in this item, the trade could be done with the transfer of the CERT tokens.
    E has finished a movie script and he decided to sell the copyright of it since he needed to raise money to film it. So E sets a price for the copyright as 100 tokens, a view fee as 1 token, and a basic income for himself as the creator as 0.1 tokens/ view. Then F and G like it and get 30% and 70% of the copyright, respectively. Then E uses the fund to film and assume that the movie is finished and watched 100 times, thus the total income would be 100 tokens, while 10 tokens will come to E, the creator, and the rest of it will be distributed to F and G, as 27 to F and 63 to G.
    H has a movie NFTs, which is valued as 300 CERT on CyberStop. At the same time, H wants to loan for 100 CERT for a year, thus he could deposit the NFTs to CyberStop, and the platform will loan him and take the NFTs as the mortgage.

Road Map

Phase 0
• Market Research
• Technology evaluation
• Whitepaper
Phase 1
• Team building
• Smart Contract PoC
• Contents creator onboarding
Phase 2
• Simple Issuing Tool
• Trade Platform Official launch
• Smart Contract Audit
Phase 3
• Minting of EAC and ESC Function Release
• Streaming tool (IPFS integration)
Phase 4
• Content Provenance tool
• Cross-chain Supports
• DAO Governance Portal


Teach Leader

Florian Martin, a full-stack software engineer has more than 10 years of experience in building highly scalable solutions in high-growth startups. Achieved multiple projects in the crypto-industry, including high-frequency AI trading bots and exchange platforms.

BD Director

Charles Brotons Worked as a strategic consultant in Accenture Strategy Department for 4 years. Formerly responsible for product manager of L 'Oreal, Lagarde, and Unilever.

Director of Marketing

Bénédicte Coulon, 6 years of sales and business development experience from Asia to Europe. Previously responsible for Business Development and Account Management at WaveStone and BlablaCar.

Content Director

Brian is a television executive and was formerly the president of one of the top mass media. He has been credited with one of the top evolving music channel establishments.
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